Sunday, 3 April 2011

My reply to HKIA

Please judge yourself....

I do not want to add in too much of my comment here.... ^^

Dear Ms Irene Chan,

I appreciate you guys taking the initiative on investigating this case. But, sadly to say, as stated in my first complaint letter, the lady who pushed the old lady’s wheelchair and the man who drove the ‘cart’ had received tips from the old buddies. I am very sure about this. The lady who pushed the wheelchair even raised her voice and talks to the man and hand in his tips to him. She wanted to RETURN the money ONLY when she receives another call from the centre to handle another case. You guys can retrieve this from the CCTV I suppose. I assume that what WFS had told you is another person in charge on helping the old folks on board since the lady had left.

Please have another look on it. I do really hope WFS is not in the hand of covering her staff. WFS should have a list on who is the one who pushed the wheelchair and same goes to the one who drove the cart since this is your last sentence in your text: "In addition, all pre-ordered wheelchair passengers at departure gate 47 you mentioned had already been assisted by WFS for boarding around 1900 hrs on 6 Mar 2011."

Thank you.

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So what's with the toilet organizations babe? lol... sudden new interest huh? :D