Saturday, 28 February 2009

Highlights in the Evolution of Toilet System - 2500 BC to 1990 AD

Highlights in the Evolution of Toilet System - 2500 BC to 1990 AD

BC 2500: In Mohenjo - daro, there existed highly developed drainage system where waste water from each house flowed into the main drain.

BC 1000: In the Bahrein Island in the Persian Gulf, flush type toilet was discovered.

AD 69: Vespasianus (Otto Empire) for the first time levied Tax on Toilets.

1214 AD: Construction for the first time of public toilets manned by scavengers in Europe.

1596 AD: JD Harrington invents W.C.

1668 AD: Edict issued by Police Commissioner Paris, construction of Toilets in all houses.

1728 AD: Architect J.F. Brondel argues that attached toilet is ideal.

1739 AD: First separate toilet for men and women appear at a ball in Paris.

1824 AD: First Public Toilet in Paris.

1859 AD: Toilet of Queen Victoria is decorated with gold.

1883 AD: First Ceramic Toilet by Thomas Turiferd for Queen Victoria.

1889 AD: Sewage Treatment for the first time in the world.

1959 AD: All surface Toilets abandoned (Paris).

1970 AD: Sulabh International is established by Bindeshwar Pathak,as a non-profit NGO in Bihar.

1980 AD: Installation of Auto - control Public Toilet.

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Friday, 27 February 2009

Malaysia wants to flush dirty toilet rep

Malaysia wants to flush dirty toilet rep

May 2, 2006
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia --Malaysia will try to flush its long-held image of having foul-smelling public restrooms with a National Toilet Summit to educate the public about the importance of clean commodes.

Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Robert Lau -- whose ministry will hold the conference in Kuala Lumpur Aug. 24-25 -- said Tuesday "having clean restrooms in this country is a serious challenge that we have to tackle."

"If a toilet is a person (in Malaysia), he should protest to the Human Rights Commission because he is very unfairly treated," Lau said.

Public toilets in Malaysia have long disgusted residents and tourists with their lack of basic items such as toilet paper, soap and sometimes even toilet seats. Many fall prey to vandals.
Lau said the meeting would bring together local officials and international experts on toilet management, including the founder of the World Toilet Organization, Jack Sim.
Such eyesores scare away tourists, Lau said.

"The vision ... is to establish a clean toilet culture," he said. "The mission is to raise users' etiquette and to motivate the change in the psychological ethics and attitudes of users and owners."

Shopping malls and other commercial establishments that do not have clean toilets may not have their business licenses renewed, he said, adding the government was also considering imposing fines for vendors with dirty washrooms.

Are they success??

Dear Malaysians and to the tourist who came to Malaysia, please judge yourself.

I think there are some changes preparing the basic needs for usage in the toilet.

But, is their mission accomplished?

Well, can their business licensed successfully renewed although the toilets in the shopping mall is dirty?

Has the public change their etiquette on using public toilet??

I wonder but, I think I pointed out some questions for you to justify on it. Did I?

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

Toilet display....

After so many post of toilet, do you have any idea to keep one toilet bowl with a sitting man on it with you??

I found this in a souvenir shop in Genting Highland… haha…..

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Creating awareness....

The main purpose on this blog is due to the courework for SAU216E (Globalisation, Cyber Culture and Future Studies) as I mentioned earlier.

Dr. Reevany, our lecturer for this course wants us to create the public awareness on the issue that we are bringing up and create an impact to the society.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is important!!

For that, I had sent out mail to Tourism Penang and Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd.

However, I do not receive and reply from them.

The mail I sent out was on 16th of February 2009.


Do Bayan Lepas International Airport has it's own official website?

I do like to bring up this issue.

Please link to this...

The particular post is at:

Please try to work on this matter as there's so many tourist coming in and out from Bayan Lepas Airport.....

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Wanna to be a volunteer??

Do you feel like doing something to the society to create the public awareness on how they are using the toilet??

Do you have free time and do you really want to do something to contribute back to the society??

Well, if you think that you are not from an organization and cannot really do much on this, no worry…

As an individual, we can also help on this.

I had sent out a mail dated 20th February 2009 to WTO (World Toilet Organisation).

The letter sound this way.


I am Sophia from Universiti Sains Malaysia, a public university located at the north of Malaysia.

I am currently blogging on public toilets in commercial buildings and the blog's url is

The original purpose for me to build up this website is due to my coursework under SAU216/E (Globalisation, Cyber Culture and Future Studies).

Anyways, after working on it for a couple weeks, I found that it's important for us to help to create the public awareness on using public toilets.

I hope my blog can contribute a bit on creating awareness on public when they are using a public toilet.


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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Deleted photos can come back and haunt you, says Chong

Tuesday February 24, 2009

Deleted photos can come back and haunt you, says Chong

KUALA LUMPUR: Beware! With computer softwares that are able to recover deleted data from handphones and personal computers, pictures or videos that are assumed long gone can still come back to haunt you.

Since 2007, there have been more than 13 cases of women who have had their private pictures publicly flaunted on the Internet or via the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

“Most of these cases involved women whose former partners exposed the private photos out of spite,” said MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Head Datuk Michael Chong at a press conference yesterday.

He added that most people were unaware that simply deleting the photos from handphones were insufficient as there were ways to extract the deleted data.

Selangor and Federal Territory Telecommunication Association acting committee member Ivan Er said free, easy-to-use data restoration programmes were easily available on the Internet.

“With just a mere click of the mouse, all deleted data can be restored,” said Er, adding that users should reformat and demagnitise their storage mediums after data deletion as a precaution.

Er also warned that servers of communication service providers could keep records of video calls as there was no stopping rogue employees.

“The privacy policies of these telco companies disallow it, of course,” he said.
The association aims to educate users on the latest frauds and hazards of the telecommunication in­­dustry.

I came across this article and would like to share it here…

here to read the original text…

Knowing this information can help us to be more aware and if anyone came across to let others’ took their photo when they are urinating or changing their garments in the changing room, do take their devices and clashed it..

Deleting the photo itself is not enough as they can trace back using certain software.

It sounds evil but this is the best way to protect us and avoiding seeing your own nude photo on the net..

I know this is not a good idea…

Do you have any better?? Mind to share with me??? :)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Quality Restroom Association in Malaysia

There's Quality Restroom Association in Malaysia!!!

Well done Malaysians as there's not many country builing up an association to create awareness on public when they are using a public toilet.

Anyways, are they working out on something???

I really do hope so....

Click here to the page... :)

Sunday, 22 February 2009

World Toilet Organisation!!

World Toilet Organisation (WTO)!!

There’s World Toilet Organisation!!!

What is WTO??
WTO is a global non-profit organisation commited to improve toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.

I do not know that….

Do you know about this??

Please feel free to click on this to link you to the World Toilet Organisation website.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Fabulous award...!!!

I got an award......

I do not know that there's such thing among bloggers... :)

I do blog but I am not that active until I built up this blog...

Anyways, thanks to Denani cause she gave this to me and congrats to myself.. lol...

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5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

And the blogs I am nominating are : (numbering them randomly)

11. to those who are visiting me and saw this... :)
p/s: I wanted to nominate somemore but I counldnt find your weblog's url.... Sorry... (:

Friday, 20 February 2009

OKU's toilet in Penang International Airport - Part 3 (Last Post)

This is the OKU’s toilet that I found in the airport….

It’s after the immigration part, in the departing hall….

The toilet is clean and I can give it a rate of 3.5/5 star…

Why only 3.5/5 star??
- Light is tooo dim..
- Can the OKUs see themselves in the mirror??
- Can the OKUs use the hand dryer??
- Can the OKUs on the switch???
- The aluminium bar to help the OKU is not enough…
- Can the OKUs manage to turn their back over to get the toilet papers??

See this sign and you will find the toilet...

It's at the center of the male and female's toilet...

One aluminium bar only....

The basin is good..

Can they managed to dry their hand with this????

Switches are tooo high....
This is the last post on Penang International Airport....
Judge yourself on Penang International Airport's toilet and do leave down valuable comments to share with us..... (:

Thursday, 19 February 2009

OKU's toilet in Penang International Airport - Part 2

This is the second OKUs’ toilet I found in the airport….

As mentioned in the previous post, you need to reach to the end (the other side) of the airport to look for this toilet…

I wonder why the toilet is not clean as I do not see many OKUs around the airport….

Maybe I didn’t notice much of my surroundings or the non-OKUs are using it???

Please bear in mind that the OKUs’ toilet is mainly for the OKUs and if you think you are not OKU, please space them up…..!!

You can hardly notice this if you are in the hurry....
It's not situated along the normal toilet as it is near the 'main entrance' of the toilet...
Please refer this...
(You have to find it before you walk into the corridor)
The interior of the toilet...
Why is the hand dryer there??
Aluminium bar = 1 only????
The basin is mainly for this kind of toilet....
But, the mirror is not that good.... Can they see their face with it??? Judge yourself...

Footprints are everywhere... Why is it so??
Can the OKUs bend to throw rubbish into the bin??

Air ventilation.... lol...

You expect the one who is seating on the wheelchair to stand up and hang their things???

Why not provide a space for toilet rolls??

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

OKU's toilet in Penang International Airport - Part 1

Back to Bayan Lepas International Airport... :)

Whenever there’s a toilet, you will find one OKU’s toilet in Penang International Airport regardless it can be use or not…

This is the first OKU’s toilet I saw in the airport and it is out of order…

If you are OKU and you need a toilet urgently, sorry….

Please do get the one around you to help you to the other end of the toilet…..

If you have close friends and relatives around, just get them to help you to the normal toilet… I think this way will be faster as it is really far to go to the other end of the airport (although the airport is not big)…. ;p

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pervert escaped with RM100???!!!

I came across this article when I was browsing the net….

It’s an article about a pervert who escaped with only RM100.00 for taking a photo of a girl urinating in a shopping mall in Johor Baru, a place which is located at the south of Malaysia.

How can this be?? This is the highest penalty!!!

Shouldn’t the government look into this matter seriously as RM100 is away too low….

The pervert will think that it’s worth paying as they can spy and take photo when someone is urinating….

It will cost him nothing if he is lucky enough….

What do you think about this???

Click here to read the full text...

Monday, 16 February 2009

Female's toilet in Penang International Airport (Part 3 - Last Part)

This is the toilet inside the departing hall…

Another female’s toilet…

It’s near the exit for domestic flight….

Rate it yourself….

I dare not rate AGAIN…

I scare the Penang’s CM kick me out of Penang later… lol…

The clean look of the toilet...

The dirty look of the toilet....

Tissues on the bin...
(I use ON and NOT inside..)

See.. How clean is the toilet bowl....
Maybe you cant see clearly on this photo....

This is the squatting one....
Just dunno why there's still tissue paper on bin.....

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Female's toilet in Penang International Airport (Part 2)

This is another toilet in Penang International Airport and it is near Coffee Bean, before entering into the departing area.

Well…. This toilet is very very dirty and it does smells ‘good’… lol…

The toilet paper is everywhere in the toilet…

As usual, when I was holding my camera snapping up and down in the toilet, the toilet lady will stare at me in a weird way….

Well….. When I pushed open a cabin, I saw the toilet paper was everywhere and I just get hold of my cam and snapped it down…. The toilet lady was quite frightened and she was mumbling behind me after I snap down the photo….

She said, tandas itu memang bermasalah sikit…

Well, I pretend that I do not understand what is she trying to convey to me and just take my queue again and do my business and went off….

She did do the cleaning after I shot down and water is everywhere on the floor….

I can only grade the toilet’s cleanliness for 2/5 star….

Are they focusing on the development of Penang and forgot how important is a toilet to bring up the state’s reputation??

I wonder….

A long corridor to guide you to the toilet....

See!!! How can this happen....!!!

Water stain is everywhere....

Well..... I am in the toilet and I have to carry my heavy bags in it....

Steps in the toilet....

This cabin is much more clean then the previous one.......
Why are they providing 2 dustbin in the toilet????
Tissues can always be flush down...
One for sanitary pad...
One more for????
Well.... Tissue is providing...
But, please use wisely.... :)

What is that on the basin??
The toilet lady is.....
Ai... No comment...
The basin.....

Look at the dustbin and the tissue providing....
Aren't they should use another type of tissue instead of toilet roll??
How do you feel when you see this in another country's toilet??
You can dry your hand like how she did in the toilet....

This is the sitting type...
How do you rate this toilet??
You will be giving it bad rating, right??
I, as a Malaysians felt ashamed when I entered the toilet and saw so many foreigners using it….

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Female's toilet in Penang International Airport (Part 1)

This toilet is situated just next to the Air Asia counter…

Please rate it….. :)

A small sign to guide you in.....

Those people are waiting outside, to wait for the counter to open.... Not on queue to go in toilet... lol..

The basin... A small one for the shorter ones... ;p

There's no specific space for you to put your luggage...
See.... One trolley block all the way....
A space for you to put your things.....

The toilet bowl.....

The whole view of the toilet....

This is the squat one....

A place to hang your things.. But, I think you cant hand too heavy things lo......

A dustbin for sanitary pad and tissue is provided....

Providing O2 during the day time???

I found a store room in the toilet...
How do you rate this toilet????
Do comment...
Thanks and wait for my next post.... :)

Friday, 13 February 2009

Toilet's logo in Penang International Airport...

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Penang International Airport....

Penang International Airport is situated at Bayan Lepas......

Well... Do you know how much the gov had spend on renovation (only on toilet)??

Follow here to find out the answer..... ;)

Are you shock with the answer???

Monday, 9 February 2009

OKU's toilet in Gurney Plaza, Penang (Old Wing)

This post will be showing the OKU’s toilet in Gurney Plaza, Penang (Old Wing)

It’s quite OKU friendly but I found one is even OKU friendly than this…….

There’s no mirror in it…..

Shouldn’t they place one in it??

The toilet cover is covered....
Most of the toilets didn't cover the cover de....

See... No mirror......
I think the OKU who is sitting on the wheelchair cannot really make use of the handle lo......

A full view of it....

This is the last post on the toilets' in Gurney Plaza, Penang.....
Did I left out anything??? Please tell me before I proceed to the next destination...
Come to my blog more often and keep supporting me..... :)